About Us

Formerly located in the high desert of New Mexico, we have moved to Norman, Oklahoma to be close to our family, and where we enjoy living, and loving our Havanese.  The Havanese is a joyful little dog, sturdy, mischievious, and very much interactive with their human "family".   I fell in love with this breed over 13 years ago, and the love affair is far from over.
I strive to breed the best show dogs, in accordance with AKC approved standard for Havanese, and puppies are only available on occassion.  Quality, not quantity, is the goal here.
I am an active member of the Havanese Club of America, and I am proud to participate in AKC's Bred-By-Exhibitor classes.   I am always happy to help a sincere puppy buyer find a Havanese companion that is truly suited for their lifestyle, and that meets the criteria for healthy, happy, puppy.  

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