We only breed a litter of puppies on occassion, and we strive for the best temperaments, health, and structure that we possibly can.  We are very selective and prefer to keep the best puppy in a litter to show ourselves.  Mother nature is kind, she blesses us with sweet little beings that are a true delight to love, nurture, and watch them grow.  So what's the rub??   We can't keep them all!  

If you think a Havanese would be right for you, please send us an email and we will be happy to get a puppy questionnaire to you.   (see the "Contact us" page)  We take the proper placement of our "babies" very seriously.  The puppies parents have the required health clearances, per the Havanese Club of America.  Most parents have more health clearances than those required.  Our puppies are raised according to the "Rules of 7", and we take great pride in matching their personalities with their new families. 

We strongly urge you to log on to
www.havanese.org and learn all about what you can expect from a Havanese, how to find a breeder, and what questions you should be able to ask any reputable breeder.   You can expect a good breeder to ask you a lot of questions too! 

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                        No litters planned for 2019